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How to plan, prep, shop, budget and preserve your household meals for one month in (3) three days or less.

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  • Get inspired by personal life experience as Flora aims to guide you through life’s day-to-day activities in preparing your household meals in “Simply Food Plan.” and “Simply Food Table and Recipes.”

  • Get enthralled by Flora’s enchanting stories as she opens your eyes to the world of modern Africans’ way of living when you read “The Election.”

  • Laugh your head off when you read Flora’s funny stories with underlying meaning to the real world in Dear Concerned Parents.

Why F.O. Martins


All stories written come straight from my heart like rivers running from the mountains to the sea.


Crafted with love and a splash of wit here and there, just to bring smiles to your lips and inner peace to your soul.  


Dear book lovers, stretch out your legs, get your popcorn and settle in for a good read.


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Flora loves impacting knowledge and helping people. She is a voracious reader and a prolific writer who spends most of her time imagining characters and events. Flora’s love for books is so fierce that she once had a confrontation with a friend for withholding her books for longer than permitted.

What they say

Jessica Hasstrup

Back to School Meal Plan for One Week – 

My kids have also been eating their food more now. Because it help me give them varieties to school. So they are not limited to taking rice to school. Thank you for the meal plan. I love the way its been aligned too. 

Taver George

The Last Dance– Your most interesting one yet. 

The Election –I like this one. It’s different! Even in the genre of writing that you have chosen, I think this one will stand separate above the rest.

Blessing Obaro

Easter Weekend Meal Plan– I found it helpful, especially the seafood okro, haven’t made seafood okro so that will be my guide and I’ll try out the ogiri in egusi soup.