The Election

“Leave us.” He said. 

The aides and his associates all scrambled towards the door like people terrified of a sudden tornado. It was obvious, some worshipped him, some were indifferent, some detest him and others merely tolerated him but in all, he was good for the business of governance. And the business of governing what goes into their pockets was their priority. After all, the ruling class must always rule and the following class must always follow and the service class must always serve. That’s the order of things and they were unwilling to have the order of things changed. At first, it was about living comfortable lives and joining the league of “I have arrived.” Then later it was about who was the richest amongst them and now it was about yielding more power with wealth. They were not concerned about the welfare of their fellow beings. All they cared about was the need to be revered by any President ruling the Nago Nation.  

President Hum was most times clueless and other times he was forceful. At least his vindictive and forceful self was only out for an hour or 2 each day. His handlers knew this and they knew when to avoid that part of him. He was suffering from what the Doctors termed “multiple personality disorder” yet he kept ruling the nation or was he ruling the nation? Not at all. His handlers were. They ruled through him and they had perfected the art of making him carry out their instructions. 

But they were scared of the opposition. The emergence of the opposition became a game-changer in the political terrain. Elections were in 20 days and the opposition had become stronger, their campaign points dealt blows to the perceived achievements of the present administration. The Handlers knew they had messed up, at least they could have pretended to make efforts towards alleviating the suffering of the common citizens but things were bad. The citizens were hungry, no one was really happy with the present situation of the economy except the handlers who had pockets full of wealth. 

The latest blow was the opposition’s choice of Presidential candidate. Sabdat Kabi a.k.a “Madam Action” as she was fondly called was a former ally of President Hum, there were kinsmen, from the same tribe and neighbouring villages. This might have accounted for Sabdat’s reason for opposing President Hum, you know what they say about nosy neighbours, neighbours’ love and neighbour’s hatred. Neighbours fight the most because they always have something to fight for and so it was for these two people. 

President Hum knew that to retain his seat of power, Madam Action had to support him, just like she did last time. He knew he had neglected her for the past 3 years since he assumed the seat of power. But he was willing to change all of that. At least, for the time being. He enjoyed being the President, the workload wasn’t that bad especially when he pretends to be clueless else the problems of the country will send him to his early grave. He was not ready to die, he loved life more than life itself. But the perks of being the President was heavenly and he was not willing to throw that all away. So he decided to make the trip to Madam Action’s abode. 

“Hmmm to what occasion do you grace my home with your presence President Hum? Have you come to arrest me on baseless allegations of corruption?” Madam Action asked. 

She was wary of the game being played by Hum, they both knew Madam Action had spent an enormous amount of money in building the political profile of Hum. But that was all in the past. They were foes now and both wanted the seat of power. 

Madam Action knew that she had a stronger chance of being elected as the next President because this was the era of women empowerment, women in politics, women wielding power, women in business and women in politics. All you needed to succeed in these times was to be a woman. 

At that moment, the TV was showing one of her campaign ads. She smiled. 

Hum was struck by the beauty and alluring nature of Madam Action. She was one of those women whom you can call the kingmaker. She had fiercely fought the handlers and even though she lost the battle, here she was, standing tall in her own right and forging a new path. 

“I came here to ask you to drop your ambition of contesting against me.” President Hum said. 

The room was silent. 

Madam Action rolled her eyes. 

“What a ridiculous request?” She mouthed. She looked amused.

President Hum moved closer.

“We are family and we do not need to be divided amongst ourselves. We must be united to avoid cracks. We cannot allow our differences or misunderstandings to create room for other tribes to lead. The Lasa tribe has always been supreme and it must remain that way. I forgive you for taking a Fasuian as your running mate.” Musa said. He stopped to catch his breath. 

I spoke too fast, he thought to himself. But I am perceived as being sincere than manipulative. He thought to himself again as he focused all his attention on Madam Action.

“And If I don’t?” Madam Action asked.  

She stared hard at him. She was not one to discriminate and she disliked the contempt she heard in Hum’s voice each time he called the Fasu tribe.

President Hum knew she was married to a Fasuian. Her children were half Lasa and half Fasu. By the way, were they not all Nagains? She thought to herself. 

“Don’t speak that way, you will be given a place amongst the supreme but invisible leaders if you do. After all we all want more wealth and more wealth we shall get.” President Hum said. He was pretty sure that he got her right where he wanted her. 

“I want a better nation, something our children can fall back on. Not carcass, ruin and destruction. Not a broken place that is beyond repairs and that’s what the nation is turning into in your reign. You have succeeded in wielding the differences amongst every tribe. This has been the most tribalistic government of all time, filled with nepotism and hatred. The people deserve better.” Madam Action said. She was passionate about a better nation and she regretted ever supporting President Hum in the first place. She remembered Napoleon Bonaparte quote If you want a thing done well, do it yourself. And that’s exactly what she intended doing. 

“When have you ever cared about the people? Oh! You can feel my dislike for the Fasu? They are lesser beings than us.” President Hum laughed.

 “You know this too. But if my saying it, offends you then I am sorry.” President Hum said. 

“I don’t hate them, I am just indifferent to their plight. Ok. I promise not to harm your Fasu people should you step down for me.” President Hum said. 

How dare he speak like this. Madam Action was furious and in blind rage she raised her hand, she aimed for his cheek. But he was fast enough to catch it. He licked it like a pot of soup. 


“Let go of me.” She said. 

“Not now.” President Hum said.

He dragged her close to him and kissed her neck passionately. She struggled but he was too strong for her. The burning sensation of pleasure weakened her too. The sensation was deliciously wicked. Like two demented souls, they clawed at each other, kissing, licking and pounding… they both felt great. 

They cleaned up and stared at each other for a while. 

“Let’s do this again,” President Hum said sheepishly. He had a wide grin on his face. 

Madam Action looked disgusted. 

“I am not interested in reaching a compromise with you. My mind is made up. I will continue with my campaign. Let the best person win.” Madam Action looked away. She felt bad for sleeping with this bigot of man, well the good side was that the sex was good and it would be an advantage for her. 

“So, that’s how you want it. I won’t be able to refrain the Attorney General from drawing up corruption charges against you.” President Hum said. His eyes danced excitedly. He felt he had gotten her right where he wanted her. 

“Threats and oppression, that’s what you have only been good at doing. Your government spends 99% of its time witch-hunting perceived political enemies rather than making the economy great again. I am not afraid of you and your cronies. Do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do.” Madam Action smiled. President Hum made it so easy for her to dislike him. 

Why was she smiling? President Hum muttered. 

“Have a great day Mr. President. I believe this meeting has effectively ended.” Madam Action said. 

“I am the President and I determine when the meeting ends.” President Hum wanted to have more of her. He was not done yet with her. The sex was soooo good and he could bet a $1m that he would be thinking of her for such a loooooooong time. 

There were 100 political Presidential candidates, it was obvious the nation of Nago practiced a multi-party system but only 2 of the Presidential candidates were popular. The incumbent President Hum and Madam Action and it was no secret to all and sundry. 

The majority of the presidential candidates only used their political parties as a platform to launch their popularity, they also wanted a bite at the national cherry. To them, their relevance can be achieved faster if noticed on the political plane. It appeared that the state of Nago thrived on politics and not business activities, this was chiefly due to the wealth of Natural resources the nation harboured. It created an atmosphere of laziness as with the right connection a child can become rich overnight. Other nations called it the midas touch. This was different in other climes, where you have to work so hard before you become rich. In Nago, the clueless are the rich ones, all they need to become rich was to be born into the right tribe and the right family. Wealth was like a cult attainable only by certain criteria and standard. So every man was for himself, struggling to climb the ladder of relevance in a nation of caricature rulers. 

The Handlers were agitated at the turn of events and wondered if they could have done something different. The propaganda against Madam Action was not working, infact it had backfired. They all wanted everyone to believe that she was the most corrupt woman alive, but she somehow found a way of linking them to every corrupt allegation raised against her. 

She was no match for them and they knew this. So they invited a foreign Public Relations firm to help fight the battle. But the invite came too late in the day, it was 2 days to the election before they could finalise the contract. The firm could do little or nothing. 

The election day came and went and the count which would determine the winner commenced in earnest. It was a tie between the incumbent President Hum and Madam Action until the news busted like a wildfire. The opposition presidential candidate – Madam Action and the incumbent President Hum were having an affair or so the nation thought. 

Then a twist to the news led to Madam Action victory in the rerun- the sex tape leaked and everyone concluded that President Hum had raped Madam Action. 

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