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7 Days Clean Eating Challenge for Children


Do you feel guilty because your child has an unhealthy eating habit? You shouldn’t. This 7 Days Cleaning Challenge for Children guide will help you in building a healthier eating habit for your child.

Say goodbye to explaining yourself to everyone around you in response to unsolicited advise on the wellbeing of your child or listening to everyone around you telling things you already know.

Instil the much-required discipline in the 7 Days Clean Eating Challenge for Children to help your child establish and maintain healthy meal habits.

In 7 Days Clean Eating Challenge, you’ll find:

o One week clean eating food table

One notable recipe

o          Dos and Don’ts

o          Clean drinks for your child should drink


Take the right step in the right direction in controlling your child’s weight when you purchase the 7 Days Clean Eating Challenge for Children.


 Scientists say it takes 66 days to form a habit, but there is a quick rule of thumb by Marissa Bracke, that “you shouldn’t do for three days that which you don’t want to do forever.” But I prefer to say do that for 3 days in a row, which you want to do forever. This is instructive when trying to break out of old habits, especially bad eating habits. For children, it is all the more useful because they tend to forget things quickly and move on to the next thing. I remember when my 4-years old daughter was addicted to juice, she couldn’t stay a day without drinking juice and I became worried about this development when she moved on from consuming 1 juice per day to 3 juices per day. This often happens when we are …

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