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I Told You So


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She saw her obituary, which read “She was survived by few friends and many acquaintances.”


She was a really friendly person, at least this should have read so. She remembered why she had few friends. It all started with her first friend Lanet. She was the exact definition of mean and evil live inside her. Lanet told her how she cut her ex-lover’s clothes…

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Flora Ngo-Martins


Self Published


Series 1


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Editorial Review

Simply put, this is a great game. It is full of fun and silliness like all the Lego games and this one follows all 1-4 Jurassic Park films including the latest 2015 film Jurassic World. There's a huge variety of levels including the iconic T-Rex car chase, hiding from Raptors in the kitchen, uncovering ancient bones and fending off dinosaurs in every shape and size. There's lots of characters to choose from (including the dinosaurs themselves) with lots of extra items to collect throughout the game. It's really quite fun stomping around as a Stegosaurus or fighting as a T-rex. The game is 1-2 players and there's an easy-to-use map to guide you around the open world park.