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Simply Food Plan

In Simply Food Plan, you’ll learn:

  • Why planning your household meals is important
  • How to build a more organised household meal plan;
  • Why you should have a safety net meal plan ;
  • How to create your shopping list that suits your lifestyle;
  • Why having an ultimate guide to creating your shopping list is important;
  • How to create a master shopping list with an example;
  • Why having a partitioned list is equally important;
  • How to create an effective shopping list that works for you;
  • The ideal frequency for your household shopping;
  • Three most important actions to take before shopping for your household meals;
  • How to determine your monthly feeding budget;
  • How to classify your household feeding expenses;
  • How to preserve your non-perishable food items that will last for months;
  • How to preserve your perishable food items that will last for weeks.


Forget that overwhelming feeling of managing your household meals, deciding on what to cook and how much resources to spend, the effort and number of man-hours to make your family happy- there is really no reason to be overwhelmed and you shouldn’t be.

Whether your dream is to glide through the month doing little or nothing, chatting with friends, having “me” time, creating a routine that perfectly works for you, bingeing as much as you can,  having less time arguing about feeding funds or just putting your act together when it comes to your household meals, Simply Food Plan is the blueprint.

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Flora Ngo-Martins


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