I Told You So

She saw her obituary, which read “She was survived by few friends and many acquaintances.”


 She was a really friendly person, at least this should have read so. She remembered why she had few friends. It all started with her first friend Lanet. She was the exact definition of mean and evil live inside her. Lanet told her how she cut her ex-lover’s clothes and set his house ablaze, just because he said it was over. 

 That should have given her the red lights to run for her life. But she was so engrossed in Lanet’s beauty, her knowledge of the world and her accent.

She wanted to be as sophisticated as Lanet. 

Lanet was popular and everybody wanted to be her friend. So Hussaina felt lucky when Lanet picked interest in her.

She still remembered how they met. They met at the corridors. She was waiting to get a room as a jambite when Lanet casually said “nice shoes” 

“Thanks,” she said with all sense of excitement that she was being spoken to by the most beautiful girl on campus. Lanet’s reputation preceded her. 

“What’s your name?” Lanet asked. She patted her newly made braids and snacked on crackers.

For Lanet weight gain was not an option because her parents were obsessed.

She strictly warned them never to come to see her in school and destroy the fantasy and imagination of her admirers. She heard from boys’ gossip that most girls end up taking the shape of their mothers. 

“Show me her mother and I will tell you how your future wife will look.” These boys often joked about this. 

“Hussaina.” She said. 




“Nice name too. Let’s meet up sometime.” Lanet said.

Hussaina nodded and at that moment she was called by the Official in charge of allocating hostel rooms. 

She had been allocated a room, after two months of waiting. She was elated. 

For her, Lanet was all the luck she needed to get by in school, just the mere fact that Lanet spoke to her 

and gbam… just like that, she got accommodation. 

They quickly formed a bond despite the age difference. For Hussaina, it was a friendship made in heaven and nothing on earth could separate her from Lanet. Not even the fiery tales she heard about Lanet’s promiscuousness compared to her pious self, but that was not enough reason to keep her away. 

Lanet was from a family who lacked the means to scrape by, her being in school was a miracle. After her first year, she was meant to fend for herself and also her younger ones being the first of 9 children. She wondered why her parents kept having children all because of their nonsense religious belief. At 23 years she was wiser than most of her peers. She had accomplished a lot for herself, she had a car, a fancy accommodation off-campus and most people thought she was from a wealthy home. 

She kept up her appearances because she needed to make it easy enough for the children of the wealthy to trust her. 

Hussaina was her latest victim, she had researched her. Hussaina was the daughter of a prominent politician and her mother was a Professor which made her an easy target. 

Two busy parents with no time for the welfare of their daughter and plenty of money to give her. 

“In my house, I have a whole floor to myself with maids-in-waiting,” Hussaina said.

“Then why bother sharing a room with other females who will irritate you with their dirtiness and also inconvenience you?” Lanet asked.

“My dad wants me to experience life,” Hussaina said.

“You can experience life even if you live all by yourself just like me, would you say I haven’t experienced life?” Lanet said

“You, you are the goddess of life itself. Tell me about your exploits with Henry, that guy who you dumped like a sack of potatoes.” 

Hussaina said excitedly

Lanet noticed she had changed the topic and she wasn’t too pleased about this. 

“First, Henry remains my good friend, you can ask him yourself and secondly you need to experience these things yourself,” Lanet said with a frown.

She didn’t know Hussaina would like to hear stories forever, the stories were meant to lure her and now that she has been lured, she did not need to continue with the storytelling charade. 

“Oh!” Hussaina said. She was visibly disappointed. 

“Hussaina darling, you know I would love to tell you stories but you can’t keep staying at the hostel. It is not good for your peace of mind.” Lanet said.

“The second semester is almost over, maybe I will try off-campus in my second year, by then you will be in your final year.” Hussaina said.

At the campus, Hussaina had the habit of gisting her roommates with juicy tales of her day. It was a ritual she formed with these ladies who were her roommate. Some were interested and others saw her as showing off. 

She was also a generous roommate there was a time she got packs of fast food for each of her roomie. There were four in the room and she liked each and everyone because she was free-spirited. 

“How many of you would like to stay off-campus and why?” Hussiana asked excitedly.

“Why off-campus?” Jumoke asked. She was voluptuous and had a large group of men followers and admirers, infact, they whispered her name at night by the window to their room. “Jummy” “Jummycreamy” “Come down please.” “I need to speak with you.” “It’s your humble worshipper.” But Jumoke was a strict girl and the more she rejected and ignored them, the more the number of men who wanted her attention increased. 

“Because Lanet said it’s the best.” Hussaina said.

“It’s not, off-campus is sometimes not safe. No adequate security, you could be easily raped or kidnapped.” Amaka responded.

“But Lanet said you will have your peace and convenience off-campus.” Hussaina insisted.

“Lanet said, Lanet this and Lanet that. Why not have friends your age, rather than being a robot in a manipulative girl’s arm? If you like tell her what I said. I am not scared of her.” Aisha chirped. 

Hussaina cowered silently in her bed. 

Aisha was a perfectionist and she didn’t like the fact that Hussaina couldn’t keep up to her standards. Aisha never missed her prayers, she always used her hijab and obeyed all the rules. Once there is a rule or an instruction, Aisha must study it, understand it and comply with it.

“Aisha, you have started, I know you have not forgiven Lanet for what she did to your cousin, but that was three years ago. Let go. Don’t visit your anger on Hussaina, she is naïve.” Jumoke said.

“I just don’t want to see another “I told you so case.” I warned my cousin and it fell on deaf ears. Now she must be cold in her grave.” Aisha said. 

“You know it was an accident.” Amaka said.

“Was it?” Jumoke raised her brows.

“What are you ladies talking about?” Hussaina asked in a low tone.

“Don’t worry, you won’t understand and you are too hooked on Lanet to believe whatever we tell you.” Aisha said glancing at her. 

“We owe her a duty to tell her before she makes the same mistake most people do. Look at poor Henry, whenever he sees his once handsome face now scared in the mirror, he would never forget his association with Lanet.” Amaka said.

“Lanet said Henry had an accident, he fell into a ditch and she saved him even though he broke her heart, and they are still friends.” Hussaina said.

“Did she?” Aisha taunted.

“Hussaina, lets be sincere with you. I know you are in love with Lanet, but she is not a good person. She does bad things to people. Ask her about Mariam.” Amaka said.

Hussaina was quiet for a long time, she couldn’t believe what her roomies said. 

As usual, Lanet came to pick her for dinner. 

“I have a surprise for you.” Lanet said excitedly. 

She drove a convertible Benz and she let the roof down, she wanted to feel the rush of air on her face and wig. For her, it was an exciting way to enjoy life. She also wanted to keep up the appearance even though she was low on cash and had overdue bills. She noticed Hussaina’s countenance, she was not her exciting self and was mostly quiet during the ride.

“Are you alright?” Lanet asked Hussaina for the umpteenth time while her touching neck to make sure she was not having a fever. 

“I am fine.” Hussiana said distractedly. She was deep in thought. The thought of going home or even changing schools crossed her mind. 

“I don’t like how you are looking, I am not doing enough to take care of you.” Lanet said in a sweet voice. 

“Really?” Hussaina asked.

“Don’t worry all that would change when we move in together, you will like the place, I promise. It was meant to be a surprise but I can’t keep it from you anymore.” Lanet said in a rush.

Hussaina was quiet.

“Here we are. It has a garden. It is big and spacious and it has two rooms just as you like it. It is a house and the best part is we both have separate rooms, so we get to live together yet have our privacy.” Lanet said.

“I can’t do this.” Hussaina blurted. 

“Why? I went through all these troubles just for you. I couldn’t bear the stories of the dirty toilet you kept talking about or how your roommates mess your bed.” Lanet said.

“Who is Mariam?” Hussiana asked. 

“Is that why you suddenly changed towards me?” Lanet asked.

“Who is Mariam?” Hussiana repeated, this time in a firm voice. 

“She was my best friend just like you.” Lanet said.

“Was? What happened to her?” Hussaina asked.

“So they did not tell you the story? Those gossiper roommates of yours who wouldn’t mind their business.” Lanet said with venom.

“Mariam died in an unfortunate accident. Our house was set ablaze because she wouldn’t listen to me. I told her that candle lights were not the best and she should always use the generator, but she was too lazy to turn it on. For some obscure reason, she preferred candles. I wasn’t home when it happened, and I was too late to save her. She must have fallen asleep face down and couldn’t smell the house burning. I blame myself to date. So they were right to blame me too.” Lanet sobbed.

Hussaina sighed. It was a sigh of relief. 

“Why didn’t you tell me about this? I want us to trust each other. They said you were not a nice person, but you are.” Hussaina said.

She hugged Lanet tightly and whispered. 

“We would move in together and we would make this place beautiful.” 

Lanet was satisfied, she needed to move quickly before Hussaina’s roommates will discourage Hussaina.

“Why not stay at mine tonight, at least let’s see if we are compatible roommates before we move to the new house?” She said.

“Not tonight. I promised Amaka that I would assist her.” Hussaina said.

“Forget it, you don’t need to do anyone any favours, you won’t be needing them again.” Lanet said.

“I keep to my words. I can’t.” Hussaina said firmly.

Lanet wasn’t willing to push further, she didn’t want to break the already fragile trust she had managed to re-establish. 

“I will stay with you tonight.” Lanet said.

“My bed is too small for both of us. Let’s see tomorrow. I have to call my parents and let them know I am moving off-campus. ” Hussaina said with a note of finality.

“You fell for her lies again.” Aisha spat. 

“Mariam was my cousin who was unfortunate enough to know Lanet, they were close and all my warnings fell on deaf ears until she ended up dead. Murdered in cold blood.” Aisha continued.

“Her body was hurriedly burnt to hide the scars, during the autopsy we discovered that she was strangled. But no one could link it to Lanet because she had an alibi- Henry who was hooked on her like a puppy swore that they spent the night together in his room. People saw her came in the night and also saw her left in the morning.” Aisha said

“Don’t move in with her.” Amaka said.

“Why?” Hussaina asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? She wants your father’s money.” Jumoke said.

“She said you girls will say all these things. Have you not enjoyed enough from me? Don’t I take care of you girls and remember that time I sponsored everyone to Dubai. So you want to enjoy alone? She is my real friend and a real friend want the other’s comfort.” Hussaina said.

They were silent. 

“Just know that I told you so. Lanet is bad and manipulative. She is using you.” Aisha said.

“That’s enough.” Jumoke interupted Aisha.

“The fact that you buy us things is because you are generous, we didn’t force you to, we also did not emotionally blackmail you like Lanet.” Amaka said.

They moved into the off-campus house. It was far off from the campus but Lanet somehow convinced Hussaina that it was the best environment to live in. 

Hussaina’s dad bought her an SUV and also visited the house. He met Lanet and was taken in by her beauty. He paid all the bills and gave them excessive money.

Then he became a frequent visitor. Visiting whenever Hussaina had lectures, sometimes he snuck in and out of the house and it became a game for him. Lanet was good in bed. She satisfied his sexual fantasies and he kept coming back for more. 

“I need you to buy us a house. It should be a secret house where both of us could meet so that you don’t need to sneak in and out.” Lanet said while stroking the hair on his chest.

Alhaji thought for a moment and agreed.

“It’s a good idea. I am also tired of this hide and seek game.” 

He said.

So he bought Lanet a semi-detached duplex where they continued their rendezvous. 

“You hardly spend any time in this house? Who is the new man in your life?” Hussaina asked a Lanet who had hurriedly entered the house. She had been waiting for her for two days now. She wanted to tell her stuffs. 

“No one you know.” Lanet responded casually.

“You don’t tell me those stories anymore, you don’t gist with me. We don’t have dinner together. I thought the reason we moved in was to forge a stronger bond.” Hussaina said.

“You are too needy. It is pitiable. Get a life.” Lanet said.

“You are mean.” Hussaina said in between sobs. 

“Don’t say that just because I am not a lesbian like you.” Lanet said.

“Les what?” Hussaina’s mouth was ajar. She was couldn’t finish her sentence. 

“Do you have a boyfriend? Any male lover? How many friends do you have?” That’s right. I guessed as much for a long time but it’s clear now. You are a lesbian and I am not.” Lanet said in a wicked tone.

“I am not a lesbian. Just because I am an introvert that does not make me a lesbian.” Hussaina said. 

At that moment, Lanet’s phone rang, Hussaina peeped, she saw her dad’s number. She snatched the phone from the desk.

“Why is my dad calling you?” She screamed.

“I don’t know. Why not ask him.” Lanet shrugged.

Hussaina picked the call. 

“Hello sweetie pie, did you miss my dick?” Alhaji said

“Daddy!” Hussaina screamed in dismay.

“Crap!” Alhaji swore.

“Hussaina what are you doing with this phone?” He said

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, ha! Ah! Mommy will hear of this.” Hussaina sobbed.

Lanet grabbed her phone in a forceful way knocking Hussaina to the floor.

“Alhaji, I am sorry, she became a nuisance to me.” Lanet said.

“Why did you allow her pick my call, you have killed me and if I go down, you would go down too.” Alhaji said.

Hussaina rushed to her room and locked the door. She tried her mom’s number but it was switched off. She called Amaka it was also switched off. Infact each number she tried was switched off. 

She began fiddling with her settings. She noticed her network connection was off. She sighed. 

She also noticed that all numbers of her contact had been blocked. Oh! So that’s what Lanet was busy doing. She couldn’t access the contacts when she unblocked it. The numbers had been changed, at least a digit or two was missing. 

“Alhaji, I am pregnant and it’s a boy. Remember how you said you always wanted a son. I am carrying your son and I will carry many more children for you.” Lanet said.

“Why didn’t you say this before? Ok Let us handle this situation carefully. I am coming down.” He said. 

“Nafiu get the jet ready.” He said to his PA.

Lanet had gotten Alhaji exactly where she wanted him.

“Will you send the N10million?” She asked him sweetly.

“Yes! Yes!” Let me do it right away.” Alhaji said.

“Thank you Alhaji. You are the best.” Lanet said. 

“Don’t do anything until I come. Let me handle this my way.” Alhaji said. 

The kayamata really worked wonders. She couldn’t believe she had amassed so much money from Alhaji.  

Hussaina after all was a good investment but it was time for her to leave her life for good. 

“Hussaina open this door, I am carrying your baby brother. We are family.” Lanet said.

“Get out you mean and evil bitch.” Hussiana screamed. 

“I asked nicely once and I won’t stand here and listen to your tantrums.” Lanet said

Hussaina heard the lock of her door opened.

“Did you think I will not have access to any and every part of this house?” Lanet asked. Her eyes were devoid of emotions. The house was deserted and it was nightfall. 

Lanet held a can filled with liquid and a lighter on the other hand. 

Hussaina rushed at her. They both fell on the ground. 

There was an explosion. In their struggle, the content of the can had spilt, it was petrol and the lighter had also gone off.

“No! No! No! No!” Lanet shouted.

Hussaina looked at the Lanet’s grave, it read “She was survived by family, friends.” She shook her head, if only they knew how evil she was. Maybe the world just doesn’t care. 

Then she remembered the words of her roommates “I told you so.” 

“I told you so.” Mariam’s spirit said to her. 

“Indeed. See where it has gotten me.” Hussaina’s spirit laughed. 

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